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Limiting beliefs

The emotional power of limiting beliefs

When your beliefs have a strong emotional content, you can be perfectly well aware in your conscious mind that this belief is quite wrong, but the emotional power of it will keep you behaving as if it is true. This is what happens when people have phobias. They know quite well that a moth, or a balloon, is harmless. But they can’t stop themselves being overcome with terror when they see one.

Beliefs about who you are, or what you can or can’t do, are often highly emotionally charged. We often acquire this sort of belief early on in life, usually when some powerful important adult says something like “You’ll never amount to anything!” or “Can’t you get anything right?” If they say that in a loud, angry voice it sticks firmly in your unconscious mind and comes to the forefront¬†every time you run into a challenge.

The result is that, even if you do well in school, or others tell you that you are very capable, or you work hard to acquire all kinds of real skills, you still struggle to believe that you can achieve anything, that you can get plenty of things right. Because of that struggle, you don’t take the opportunities that life offers you and you miss out.

Hypnotherapy can be highly effective in changing unhelpful and limiting¬†beliefs as the therapist is able to communicate directly with the unconscious mind (where these beliefs are stored). By means of positive suggestion, these beliefs can be ‘re-framed’ and changed for more positive perceptions, giving the client a more positive outlook on themselves, their own ability and life in general. It is very true in life that we are only held back by our own limiting beliefs. Overcome these beliefs and ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.