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Pain Management

The use of hypnotherapy in pain management


Hypnotherapy is often highly effective in dealing with pain management. In fact, people often undergo surgery and dental work using hypnosis as an anesthetic! Hypnosis has been used for centuries to control pain. From major amputations to the resetting of broken limbs, hypnosis is excellent for producing analgesia and anesthesia. ‘Analgesia’ is the absence of pain, whereas ‘anesthesia’ means absence of any sensation.

Hypnosis techniques can be taught to you by your therapist to help you manage chronic pain as well as pain post-surgery. It has also been shown to reduce the post-operative recovery time on some surgical procedures. 

Research shows that hypnotherapy works well in particular with children who are undergoing chemotherapy. By using certain visualisations and stories children can be helped to manage their treatment in a gentle, empowering way. Hypnotherapy has also proven very effective in the treatment of migraine sufferers.

Hypnotherapy for pain management can either be used alongside prescribed medication or alone, but if you are considering hypnosis then it is essential you have been to visit your GP for an appropriate medical evaluation before proceeding. Pain is often a warning signal of a more serious underlying medical condition, so it is essential that the root cause is identified before undergoing hypnotherapy. If in doubt you should always seek advice from your GP. For some types of pain, particularly neuropathic pain, GPs will often recommend hypnotherapy as an effective means of pain control.


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