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Due to confidentiality considerations we are not able to give the names of clients, so with their kind permission we have used their initials and location only (unless they have specifically given permission to use their full name). Nonetheless these are all genuine testimonials and reviews given by clients who have had their lives changed for the better with the help of Right Minds Clinical Hypnotherapy.

From the very first session I knew that I had come to the right place. I went to Nigel for my pain issues. When we met up the first time Nigel ask me all about my pain history. I had 3 sessions with Nigel and I have to say it is probably the best thing I have done in a long time. After the first session I noticed that all the fear and black clouds had lifted. I remember driving home thinking wow I have got my life back. Nigel made a recording of the first session. He sent me a copy to listen to in between the sessions. I have found listening to that recording a few times a week has made all the difference. I shall continue listening to the recording to reinforce the positive work Nigel did. My mobility was so poor I could barely walk. With Nigel’s help I am able to go for short walks again. Not long walks but it’s a big improvement for me. My big dream is to go for longer walks. Nigel is a very caring, kind man. His manner was very professional and I felt at ease in his presence. Thank you so much for all you have done for me.

IS – Nantwich, Cheshire

I have seen Nigel on three occasions due to extreme anxieties & fear in attending a medical examination. It had got to the point whereby my experience of these examinations had made me so terrified and in a lot of occasions in tears, that I was considering not attending the examinations again. However I knew, once I was able to rationalise it, that I had to attend for my own health and to prevent more serious physical health problems. So off I went to see Nigel.
He immediately puts you at ease with his friendly, professional, kind approach. Nigel explains the process and what to expect during your sessions.
If you want to get the most out of the sessions be 110% honest with him, don’t leave anything out, he’s not easily embarrassed and my problem was in that category.
Yesterday I attended my doctors’ appointment for my examination, I got through it with flying colours and my experience was brilliant, no terror, no anxiety just calmness and confidence knowing I could get through it. To my amazement it was less than uncomfortable.
I can’t thank Nigel enough for all the help, time, patience, professionalism and kindness he has shown me.
If any of you out there have any anxieties or phobias you want to overcome and you are either sceptical, worried or frightened of seeing a hypnotherapist then don’t be, Nigel is ‘The Best’ and will help you overcome whatever it is you’re experiencing.
Thank you Nigel

EC – Wistaston, Cheshire

I’ve been to see Nigel on two separate occasions in the past 6 months; the first time to address my fear of spiders which was getting out of hand, the second to deal with a business issue that was slowing me down. On both occasions I was treated with the utmost courtesy and felt at ease.

What impressed me was that Nigel offered an initial meeting where I was able to discuss the issues in more depth than just ‘fear of spiders’ and in both situations this meeting proved invaluable as he pinpointed exactly what issues I had and was therefore able to address them effectively in the two subsequent hypnotherapy sessions. For example, my fear of spiders isn’t all spiders in all situations, I’ve discovered it goes back to my childhood where I quite badly injured myself running away from a (large) spider that was running at me, and that fear of them running at me had stuck ever since.  If they sat still or ran the other way I was OK!

Now spiders don’t bother me and I can capture them and put them outside if need be, or leave them alone if they keep still. The business issue that was holding me back is much improved and this has been further helped as Nigel gave me a recording of the session so I can refer back to it as necessary.

I highly recommend Nigel to help you get over your fears and phobias, whatever they may be.

GJ – Nantwich, Cheshire

Hi Nigel! I just wanted to let you know how I got on going away on holiday! Both flights were amazing, I was so calm the whole time and actually really enjoyed the whole of both flights, I actually felt the relief of being on our way to holiday like you said. My family were amazed at the difference as last time we flew I was sobbing the whole way, I used to look around wondering why everyone wasn’t as terrified as I was but I didn’t feel that at all and I didn’t have to worry about it at all while we were away either. It felt as normal as catching the train, the stressful part was actually being in a taxi over there!
I feel like I can fly anywhere now and the length of the flight doesn’t bother me at all, we’re already talking about where we can go to next, it really does feel life changing!
Thank you SO much, coming to the sessions is one of the best things I’ve ever done, I’m absolutely amazed by how well its worked!! I will definitely be sending anyone who mentions a fear of flying (or anything!) your way!

SH – Nantwich, Cheshire

‘I had got to the stage where my anxiety had taken over my life. I was worried about everything and terrified of most things. I didn’t want to go to work, go out socially or even meet new people. In fact, it got so as I didn’t even want to leave the house. It was the only place I felt safe. It took a lot of persuading to make an appointment to see a hypnotherapist, but doing so has completely changed my life. Nigel listened to all of my fears and anxieties, I could tell that he really did understand. I was very anxious about hypnosis, but Nigel explained exactly how it worked and what it felt like. I felt that I trusted him enough to give it a try. It really was a very pleasant, relaxing experience. After just one session I felt much calmer, and after four sessions I was finally able to completely overcome my fears and began to feel really positive. When I look back, it’s hard to imagine that I was ever so anxious. Nigel have given me a new lease of life. I can’t thank him enough or recommend him too highly’

CE – Crewe, Cheshire

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a degenerative disease which was a shattering experience for me.  I was not feeling positive and was recommended to see Nigel who I found to be very calming and enabled me to change my thought patterns.  Over a short series of consultations I was able to feel positive again and am now able to face the future with the same optimism as beforehand.

Kathy – Northwich, Cheshire

‘Nigel has worked miracles for me. I would never have entertained visiting the dentist without his help, support and incredible work. He’s helped me to conquer my dental and medical fears and I have no doubt he will continue to do so.’
SB – Willaston, Cheshire

“I went to visit Nigel as a last resort to kick my nail biting habit, something which I have been suffering with for about 15 years. I’d tried everything, from the ‘Stop and Grow’ foul tasting nail solution, to wearing gloves and even got work colleagues to shout at me if they saw me biting! Nothing had worked. Nigel is a true professional. He explained exactly how hypnotherapy works before he began to calm any nerves and spent a long time getting to know me before we started. I felt totally safe and relaxed. The hypnotherapy part of the session felt approximately 20 minutes, when it was in fact almost 40! I awoke from my light day dream wondering whether it had worked, had that short session really broken the habit that I couldn’t kick…? I write this 3 weeks since the session and can confirm I have not bitten my nails at all since, the urge to put my fingers in my mouth and chew my nails has completely gone. A true sceptic, I couldn’t believe I was even trying hypnotherapy as a tool to break this habit – but it has worked and all it took was a little word with my subconscious from Nigel!”

JK – Maidenhead, Berks

‘I found the treatment and whole experience amazing. I started to feel better and far more positive so quickly. I really do feel that we (you) have managed to resolve my problems once and for all. I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me’
JS – Crewe, Cheshire

‘ I would never have believed, having been a smoker for over 25 years that you could have stopped me smoking in just one session, but that’s exactly what you did! You have made me a very happy (and much healthier) lady. Thank you so much for changing my life for the better’
DB – Nantwich, Cheshire

‘Fear and anxiety were a way of life for me. I used to live my life from one panic attack to the next. In just three hypnotherapy sessions with Nigel, I am now able to face life without fear and anxiety and panic attacks are a thing of the past. I would never have believed it if someone had told me that it was that simple. I only wish I had discovered it ten years ago’
MW – Shavington, Cheshire

‘ My wife and employees owe a great debt of gratitude to Nigel. For years I had struggled to control my anger, often erupting at them at the slightest provocation. After a few treatment sessions at Right Minds I am now able to control my anger and as now feel much calmer in general. For the first time in my life I am actually able to relax!’
RG – Whitchurch, Shropshire

‘This guy is some kind of wizard! When I went to see him I was stressed beyond belief. I thought my life was always going to be like this. Now it’s like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s not a train)!! Thanks so much.’
FW – Oldham

‘I decided that 47 years of hysterical behaviour whenever I encountered a syringe or injection had to come to an end, especially if I wanted doctors and dentists to stop refusing to treat me.  I was referred to Nigel Keegan at Right Minds and have to admit, was very sceptical at first.  However, when I walked into the doctor’s surgery for a blood test a week after my session and calmly let the nurse stick a needle into my vein without crying or lashing out at her, I realised that this hypnosis thing actually worked.  I can’t express how grateful I am for not having to suffer the mental anguish of this fear anymore’.
CP – Staffordshire

I met Nigel some months ago and listened to his explanation of hypnotherapy, but thought that it wasn’t something I would personally benefit from – until I found myself with a broken tooth and no dentist ! I had built up a trusting relationship with my Dentist of 25 years and when he told me he was retiring, all my anxieties of visiting a dentist returned. As a child I had lots of teeth out, and later found I was terrified of having injections, so the idea of visiting a new dentist with an emergency filled me with horror!
I approached Nigel and he confirmed that he could help – and so I went for the first of 2 appointments – I was immediately relieved with the calm atmosphere that Nigel created – an unflappable, and soothing approach – I found I easily relaxed and the hypnotherapy seems to have a very soothing affect.
After the second session, I found it was easier to relax and his simple techniques gave me confidence when I went to the dentist’s chair – I found I wasn’t uptight or anxious and the rest of the repair was far less uncomfortable.
Sue Roberts
Director of New Business Network
My wife has had a fear of flying for as many years as I have known her. Two weeks ago she had one session with Nigel. Two days after that session we flew away on holiday. On the way to the airport she was calm and relaxed. At the departure lounge she was calm and relaxed. As we boarded the plane she still remained calm. Amazingly she remained calm and relaxed when for over an hour we remained on the tarmac whilst numerous engineers in high viz jackets worked in and around the cockpit, only once the problem was fixed telling us that it was the heating and not the engines or wheels that was the problem.
Throughout the flight she was calm and relaxed, looking out of the window, and for the first flight ever there were no deep, red marks in my hand where finger nails had been grasping too tightly.
 All I can say is, Nigel Keegan – You’re a genius and a miracle worker!
PE – Wrenbury, Cheshire

Testimonial from a fellow hypnotherapist

As a fellow hypnotherapist, I am obviously a huge believer in hypnosis and its range of benefits, however, having it done on me can take some real skill as I already know the techniques involved! I had come to a real block when it came to public speaking, this had been going on for a little while, so I wanted to address the issue so that I could go out and promote my business effectively without having the level of nervousness that I was currently experiencing. I have known Nigel for a little while as we trained together at one stage, I have always felt extremely comfortable around him and felt able to trust in him to confide and open up. Nigel gave me one session of hypnosis, plus a recording (which I haven’t had to listen to once!) and I am able to speak confidently, clearly and now experience only positive emotions instead of nerves! I would highly recommend him to anyone! I can’t thank him enough.

CM – Shrewsbury

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